Helping Children Grow

EarlyON Child and Family Centres offer a variety of programs to meet the diverse needs of families living in the District of Thunder Bay. 

Our EarlyON Child and Family Centre Sites Offer:

  • Inquiry and play-based learning (where we follow the child's interest through play). This way of learning is proven to improve developmental health and well being.

  • Professionally trained staff.

  • Quality programs that support early literacy, parenting, equity and healthy living.

  • Social interaction for families.


Indoor Active Play

All children aged newborn to 6 years old are welcome. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to follow their child’s lead and immerse themselves in the wonder that children experience through play and exploration. Our environment is designed to foster children’s well being, belonging, expression and engagement. Children, families and educators are viewed as co- learners, learning with children, about children, and from children. 

Dad’s Group Drop In

Dad’s Group Thunder Bay is a place for Dad to come and find resources, support, fun activities and a feeling of community. We welcome questions, comments and ideas that further enhance positive conversations of those engaged in fatherhood. We all have struggles at times and Dad’s Group Thunder Bay wants to be a safe place to turn to when needed.

Dad's Group

Active Playspace

Join in on some active play with your children. Physical activity is so important in the healthy development of children and here they will have an opportunity to try our many new skills! 

We have :

  • large blocks for building
  • tricycles and riding toys
  • climbing wall
  • mats for crawling and climbing
  • loft
  • slide and so much more!

Postpartum Program

Have you given birth in the last year and had mood changes for greater than two weeks? Mood changes can include feeling sad or tearful, loss of interest, changes in eating or sleeping, feeling exhausted but unable to sleep, feeling hopeless, overwhelmed, anxious or angry, trouble bonding with baby. Consider taking part and meet other women who are having a similar experience after baby. To find out more about this group please visit http://www.sjcg.net or call 624- 3400 or email postpartum.sjcg@tbh.net. 

Babies Day Out

Join us as we happily welcome you back to our outdoor programming for Babies Day Out for infants 0-12 months.  We will gather at Boulevard Lake to engage in conversation about infant development while allowing your infants to explore on the provided blankets and toys.  We can adventure on the beautiful stroller friendly trail system while taking in the natural beauty around us.The program will run for 4 weeks.  Registration for the program books you for all 4 weeks.

Northwood Mall

425 Edward Street N. Suite #11., Thunder Bay, ON P7C 4P7

Entrance to the mall is the small door in the corner beside the Bank of Montreal


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