The Faye Peterson House

The Faye Peterson House offers support for women and their children who are survivors of domestic violence. 

The Faye Peterson House is a safe and secure shelter , offering 24 hour/7 days a week crisis interven-tion and confidential counselling. We offer information, referrals with options, follow-up services, and education on violence against women. We also offer assistance through legal counselling and transitional and housing support programs for women who may not need residential services. 

The residential Pre/Post Natal Outreach Program offers emotional and practical support for women who are pregnant or who have children from 0-3 years of age. We assist women in safety planning and empower them to make informed decisions. Education provided in this program includes ma-ternal and infant wellness, self-care, and parenting skills through one-on-one counselling. Other programs offered which are related to mothers and children include Supportive Mothering, Child Witness, Caring Dads, Journey Beyond Abuse, and individual child therapy.

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