About Us

Children are the most precious and valuable resource we have.

It is the responsibility of our entire community to ensure that our children get their “Best Start” in life.

At Communities Together for Children we are committed to providing education, centralized resources and supports to assist in increasing the capacity of our community to embrace this important role. Through leadership and the development of strong community partnerships we will be better able to facilitate the development of caring, competent, healthy children.


Communities Together for Children values:

  • Community Partnerships;
  • Unconditional respect and inclusiveness;
  • The delivery of service with excellence and integrity;
  • Making a positive difference in the lives of children and families; and
  • The empowerment of children and families in reaching their full potential.


Communities Together For Children  Works:

  • To foster inclusive community services as defined by the evolving needs of all children and their families;
  • To develop community support services as defined by the evolving needs of all children and their families;
  • To ensure that those caring for and educating children have access to ongoing educational opportunities;
  • To advance our community's awareness and value of children and those who care for them;
  • To establish and maintain a central location of service as a single point of access.

Programs and Services

Connecting Families to Early Years Services

  • Child/Adult Interactive Programs

Community Services

  • On Site Libraries & Equipment
  • Networking and Meeting Space

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