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We offer families, educators and child care professionals centralized access to resources and information. Information about and referrals to other children's services are provided.

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All children are invited to get their own free membership! They will receive a Child Visit Punch Card as well as a Library Bag.

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Sensory Library

Sensory activities are those that stimulate the 5 senses – touch, smell, sight, taste, and sound – as well as the vestibular (responsible for our sense of balance) and proprioceptive (keeps track of and controls the different parts of our bodies) systems.

Sensory activities can benefit all children, but are of particular help to those on the autism spectrum.

Check out our items available to borrow for all children and families.

Toy Lending Library

Choose from a variety of toys that will enhance your child's early learning experience.

Family Library

The Family Library has been designed with parents and children in mind. Parents can browse through the many books and videos geared to parenting and family issues or snuggle up with their children to enjoy the many resources available to them.

Choose from a variety of educational resources relating to child development and early learning. Over 3,000 resources are available to the community.

Everyone is welcome to drop in and PLAY!

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