Sherbrooke EarlyON

Communities Together for Children EarlyON

Located at 110 Sherbrooke Street in Sherbrooke school.

Inquiry and play based learning (where we follow the child's interest through play). This way of learning is proven to improve developmental health and well being.

Drop In

All children ages newborn to 6 years old are welcome. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to follow their child’s lead and immerse themselves in the wonder that children experience through play and exploration. Our environment is designed to foster children’s well-being, belonging, expression and engagement. Children, families and educators are viewed as co-learners, learning with children, about children and from children.

Babies’ Day Out

Babies’ Day Out offers a comfortable, fun and inviting atmosphere for parents and their babies up to 12 months of age. At Babies’ Day Out, parents have the opportunity to meet guest speakers, Public health staff and Registered Early Childhood Educators. We plan informal discussions on helpful topics such as infant care, parenting and growth and development that are relevant in the first year with baby. Join us for circle time where we will sings songs and interact with the babies to stimulate brain development and enhance attachment and bonding. Discussion begin at 1:30.

Postpartum Program

Have you given birth in the last year and experience mood changes for greater than two weeks? Mood changes can include

feeling sad or tearful, loss of interest, changes in eating or sleeping, feeling exhausted but unable to sleep, feeling hopeless, overwhelmed, anxious or angry, trouble bonding with baby.  Consider taking part and meet other women who are having a similar experience after baby. To find out more about this group please visit or call 807.624.3400 or email 


Bilingual Drop In and Learn to Speak French

ON y va Centre Grandir en Français et Early ON CTC vous invite à nous joindre pour un groupe de jeu bilingue!

Tous les enfants âgés de nouveau-nés à 6 ans sont les bienvenus. Les parents et les gardiens sont encouragés à suivre les intérêts de leur enfant et à s'immerger dans l'émerveillement que les enfants vivent au travers du jeu et de l'exploration. Notre environnement est conçu pour favoriser le bien-être, l'appartenance, l'expression et l'engagement des enfants. Les enfants, les familles et les éducateurs sont considérés comme des co-apprenants, en apprenant avec les enfants, au sujet des enfants et par les enfants.

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