Communities Together for Children

About Library Services - Information & Referral

We offer families, educators and child care professionals centralized access to resources and information.

Information about and referrals to other children's services are provided.

A Free Community Membership is required to borrow resources and materials from the library.

              Northwood Park Plaza

              425 Edward Street North Suite # 11

              (807) 624-2378


We have Child Memberships & Child Visit Punch Cards as well as Library Bags for all children that sign up for a library card.  All memberships are free.  We look forward to your visit!

Resource Library

Choose from a variety of educational resources relating to child development and early learning. Over 3,000 resources are available to the community.

Family Library

The Family Library has been designed with parents and children in mind. Parents can browse through the many books, videos, and magazines geared to parenting and family issues or snuggle up with their children to enjoy the many resources available to them.

Toy Lending Library

Choose from a variety of toys that will enhance your child's early learning experience.

For more information you can contact Library Services at
(807) 624-2378.