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ELS - Checklist Information

What Will the Early Literacy Checklist Tell Me?

The Checklist examines how well early years programs and services:

  • Support literacy in young children
  • Support literacy within families
  • Engage in community partnerships in supporting child and family literacy

Additional sub-divisions of i) environment and ii) interactions are included for the first two parts. Scoring is along a continuum of:

  • frequently - practiced on a regular basis, part of usual implementation
  • occasionally - practiced sometimes, part of practice, implemente inconsistently
  • seldom - usually not practiced (regardless if known or not by you), implementation not in place

Collaborating on Implementing the Early Literacy Checklist

Programs should use the Checklist together with the Early Literacy Specialist when s/he visits your program. Working with the Early Literacy Specialist in applying the Checklist to your program will help the Specialist determine how s/he can best support the work you are already doing and will be taken into consideration for literacy resources for which your program may be eligible.